Well well... nice to read!

And tell all of them greetings.

By the way, I always thought you write great like this, without "e" at the end! =)
Maybe you are just a bit tired... Who knows...

Nothing else to tell from here, I think we'll get snow pretty soon. At least the weatherforecast tells it. And you know me, I really WAIT for it!!! =)

Everything fine here... Soon I'm leaving for a short trip home, waiting for that as well, to see little Axu again. He is controlling the whole family! =)

Enjoy it there and write soon again! =)


20.10.07 22:22

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Mikee (24.10.07 14:57)
i know how to write great! anyway...yeah little axu... cuddle him in my name! unfortunately i dont have time to do a new entry here so just a comment...i want snow too... but we wont get snow here..ok they had last year but that was the first since 50years or so... ok... all so far..maybe u can manage to be at spinchat on saturday afternoon at 14! I'll be there! *hug*

Janni (24.10.07 17:37)
Nice nice...
well i try to remember...
you know what? im going to an icehockeytraining tomorrow. and best part is that ill practise =)
lets see maybe ill be some day a bit better in skating and maybe ill be in the ladies team here. =)

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